I want to become infected with the Swine Flu

From the diaries by Erick

The highly irrational response to the Swine flu pandemic illustrates the ratings principle that fear and crisis boosts television ratings and newspaper and magazine sales.  Think of the weatherman and a snowfall that never appears, or appears at a quarter of the reported snowfall.

I want the Swine Flu because as far as I can tell, the mortality rates are equal to or less than regular flu.

And I want the immunities that getting the flu will give me, and I hope my whole family gets it too.

This will protect me in the future — from the inevitable mutations of this new flu.

The most creative political response to the flu I’ve scene so far is from the Muslim Egyptian government: let’s use the Swine Flu to get rid of all those pesky Christian’s pigs.

However, in the main, the life-sucking-hand-wringers have struck again — in the form of the new HHS Secretary and the new Secretary of Homeland Security live press conferences designed to panic the fearful-we-want-to-be-risk-free-American population.

Here’s a thought: Dude, COWBOY UP!

The other big problem is that if and when something that we really need to be concerned about posts on the global scene, like the a mutated bird flu with a mortality rate of north of 60% for humans, the current crying-and-wailing-wolf exercise will cause warnings about a serious threat to fall on deaf ears.

The entire media-elite response reminds me of children at a friend’s house during a thunderstorm — do you think we will have to sleepover because the storm is so bad?

No, bring on the Swine Flu.  Hopefully it will come to Washington, D.C. soon, where I can get infected to add antibodies to my immunity system.

If I don’t get it soon, I think I’ll book a flight to Mexico and do a build-your-immunity-tour to Mexican pig farms.

And if you are wondering why the border with Mexico is not closed, it is really simple, once 30 people become infected with a new contagion like the Swine Flu, it is too late to close the border.