Limousine Liberal Cracks Notwithstanding, Congress will be less likely to Take Political Risks when Lead by Daschle

These things, under normal circumstances, would have taken him out.

Things are not normal for a number of reasons, first, it is President Obama’s 100 Days, and people are generally willing to give him the benefit of the doubt – and therefore his nominees.

Second, Congressional Dems have created a new standard and relaxed view about tax avoidance, there have been two precedents set for high level Democrats surviving key tax related positions despite a public tax problem: Charlie Wrangle, Chairman of the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee and Tim Geithner, President Obama’s new Treasury Secretary.

What it will do, in the likely event Daschle survives, which I think he will, is hurt his reformer-let’s-change-the-world credibility.

Congress will be less likely to take political risks when lead by Tom Daschle — who claimed he became accustomed to having a driver in D.C. when he was Majority Leader, and did not think of it as reportable income.

Notwithstanding the “limousine liberal” cracks, President Obama has a politically damaged HHS nominee, and reforming health care is a political problem, not a policy problem.