The Defeat of the Obamatronics

The media could be the real mid-wife of the November 4th victory by Senator McCain and Governor Palin.

How is this possible? Have you ever had a friend or acquaintance who tells you the same story, more than three or four times? You tell that friend to stop talking about this one thing, yet they keep talking about it.

You try to tell them nicely. You try to tell them firmly. You try yelling. Like a robot, they will not stop. You are past the stages of resignation and anger. You can do nothing to change their behavior. They will not, under any circumstances, shut up.

Even if you started out agreeing with them on some things, you soon find yourself disagreeing. For months they keep on and on.

Finally, you silently resolve to yourself to do exactly the opposite of what they want. In fact, you cannot wait to do exactly the opposite of what they want.

They cannot understand. They do not try to understand.

They attack those with dissenting views. They hold in contempt those with dissenting views. They have disgust for dissenting views. They will eliminate any information or facts which could even lead to dissenting views. And they shout, a lot.

They will invite those with dissenting views, just to belittle and discredit them. They talk. They study. Legions of off-air producers and researchers slavishly work for their message of every day: Obama must be elected.

With electronic, robotic and catatonic-inducing-Obamatronic 24/7 repetition they compile reasons they are right, and you are wrong. They have no self-discipline to stop.

You work hard. You have a busy life. You are tired of them. Tired of everything about them and what they want. You are a doer, not a talker.

But they keep asking, do you agree? Will you do what they want?

So, you lie. It’s the rational option.

Can you argue with a machine? It spits out every known argument to counter what ever you believe, with great moral certitude and superiority. It is a religious missionary that electronically stalks you.

You may think that if it finds out what you think, and how you will vote, the machine may label you with horrible, socially stigmatizing names, and force you to face the wrath of strangers who judge you instantly and harshly and wrongly.

No, it is better to lie to the machine. Machines have no soul, or margin for understanding anything other than the answer, their answer. It is a waste of time to talk, argue or disagree with the machine.

This is the machine’s great weakness: it does not listen.

But Americans are not sheep. They are not like Europeans who collectively behave in a manner in which the elite-made machine dictates. Americans do not allow impassable class structures to form. This is one manifestation of why Americans resist, mightily, being told what to do.

And it’s a genetic trait. The American gene pool is imbued with the DNA of revolutionaries and immigrants. The revolutionaries went to war for their independence, and fought against their inherited rulers. The immigrants crossed oceans or land bridges between continents, with the courage to face the unknown, and to build and create something new. We have the DNA of risk takers and warriors.

This makes most of the world’s population, who stayed in their home country, uncomfortable. It also makes civil disobedience, toughness, strength of leadership and a built in resistance to Groupthink – lemming like behavior — part and parcel of the American ethos.

And thus, believing their own propaganda, will the media machine of 2008 help elect the object of their contempt and disrespect; which is funny, and human, and exactly the opposite of what the machine wants.