Ron Kirk Nomination Raises Question: Is Obama Vetting To Ensure He Picks People Who Do Not Pay Taxes?

I mean seriously, I dare you to manage, just at random, to come up with as many tax dodgers as Obama has, even if the vetters themselves have tax troubles. I’m pretty cynical about politicians, but I don’t think you could pull this off just by throwing darts at lists of DC insiders and Chicago pols, could you? I think you have to be trying.

Leaders of the Senate Finance Committee this afternoon revealed that another of President Obama’s nominees — U.S. Trade Representative-designate Ron Kirk — has tax problems.

Finance staff briefed aides to committee members today on the revelations, which indicate the former Dallas mayor underpaid taxes to the tune of $9,975 during 2005-07, and that he has agreed to promptly file adjustments. The underpayments deal in part with speaking honoraria he received that he listed as charitable donations to his alma mater, Austin College.

I mean, I was up until 2am last night wrestling with TurboTax and trying to figure out things like how to account for the small amount of income (arguably not even a net positive) I make from ads on my blog. I’m sure my taxes could easily be inaccurate by a few hundred bucks in either direction, as is true of a lot of people, no matter how hard you may try to account for all the possible sources of income, deductions, donations, etc. But who just forgets enough taxable income to underpay by ten grand?

The only alternative explanation, after all, is that there is something about the kinds of people Obama chooses to associate with and give power to that makes them think they don’t need to make sure they pay their taxes. I leave it to you to judge.