Josh Marshall's Premature Victory Lap

This post by Josh Marshall on the Jindal/Lee story is really hilarious. Marshall smugly insists that Erick’s original post has no facts in it, but he stubbornly refuses to quote his citations to primary sources and video. We laid out the case here further as to why those facts, now supplemented by video of Sheriff Lee himself confirming that Jindal was in his office the day after the hurricane and was hands-on involved all week, demolish the essential points TPM was trying to make. What were TPM’s core points?

(1) That Jindal made up being in Lee’s office in the days after Katrina and thus the whole anecdote was fabricated
(2) That Jindal was actually 75 miles from the action and played no role in responding to Katrina

I dare Josh Marshall to defend either of these positions now; he can’t even try, which is why he doesn’t address the facts in his post, preferring to congratulate himself. At this point, his site has shifted the goalposts entirely (a Marshall specialty) and is reduced to picking at whether a statement by Jindal’s spokeswoman somehow suggests that Jindal oversold the story (the argument now seems to be whether he implied that he was there when Lee was ordering the boats out, rather than when Lee was taking grief for doing so, and whether this was Tuesday or Thursday that it happened), none of which remotely resembles the original charges.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for him to admit that his story has been utterly discredited. He’s just going to declare victory and move on to the next smear job.