Obamises Watch: The Economy Will Now Get Worse

Flip – October 7, 2008:

Brokaw: Sen. Obama, time for a discussion. I’m going to begin with you. Are you saying to Mr. Clark (ph) and to the other members of the American television audience that the American economy is going to get much worse before it gets better and they ought to be prepared for that?

Obama: No, I am confident about the American economy.

Score – November 4, 2008:

In Next Year, Economy Will…
Total Obama McCain Other/No Answer
Get Better (47%) 61% 38% 1%
Get Worse (23%) 43% 54% 3%

Flop – December 6, 2008:

MR. BROKAW: On this program about a year ago, you said that being a president is 90 percent circumstances and about 10 percent agenda. The circumstances now are, as you say, very unpopular in terms of the decisions that have to be made. Which are the most unpopular ones that the country’s going to have to deal with?

PRES.-ELECT OBAMA: Well, fortunately, as tough as times are right now–and things are going to get worse before they get better–there is a convergence between circumstances and agenda.

If you had “32 days” in how long that one would last past Election Day: time to cash in. Funny thing about this “new politics”: it seems so…familiar.