A 30-Minute Speech On The Stakes In The Presidential Election

I already posted this in the comments to Moe’s post on the Obama infomercial, but if you’d rather hear some real sense instead of Obama, sit back and watch the master at work – here he is on the October 27 before Election Day, a 53-year-old private citizen standing in to make the case his party’s presidential nominee had been trying and failing for months to get across to the American public:

The text of the speech is here, and while the precise challenges of the present day have changed, so much of what he said then is still the backbone of why we resist the soft, slow slide to socialism embodied by our present opponent. Notice two things. One, this predates the happy-warrior Reagan – he’s tough and uncompromising. And two, you won’t get lost in a fog of generalities – Reagan was pithy and philosophical, but he also came loaded for bear with statistics and specifics.