I Will Now Lower Your Opinion Of Ralph Nader

I know what you are thinking: that can’t be possible! My opinion of Ralph Nader cannot go any lower! But behold:

H/T. I thought the highlight of this ad was the fact that Nader stares at the floor the whole time instead of the camera, or the fact that he thinks voters want a President who sits alone in a room talking to his parrot. But that was before the part about the sex with the panda.

[UPDATE, solely by – this is very, very important – Moe Lane] If this is what donating money to Nader-Gonzalez gets you, then keep it coming, Ralphie. I figure that everybody in the entire damn blogosphere – Right and Left – would each kick in five bucks to see the live feed of you infiltrating Mei Xiang’s quarters in a panda suit.