The last two weeks have been a great time for Republican and conservative activists, and a great time for RedState. All of us on the site are very proud of the great content our whole team has been producing here, especially the coverage of the conventions and the latest turmoil in the financial markets. And we have been thrilled by the massive, site-record-shattering traffic that has poured in as a result. When people in DC want the pulse of the conservative base, this is one of the first places they turn.

But as I am sure you have noticed, the technical end of RedState has not been cooperating lately, and since Friday it has gotten worse. Believe us, we are every bit as frustrated as our readers, diarists and commenters at the recurring technical glitches that have made it so difficult to post anything on the site or even, at times, to get the site to load.

It may sound empty to say this, but we’re working on it…in the meantime, bear with us. We are very aware of the problem.

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