Tonight's Convention Speakers Lineup

If you are like me, you’ve been in the dark a bit day to day about the speaker schedule for the Republican Convention, given that the hurricane scrambled the original lineup. Here is tonight’s lineup, and it’s a good one following last night’s right-left combo of Fred Thompson (or, if you were watching most of the networks, the last third or so of Fred) and Joe Lieberman, culminating with the closely-watched speech by Gov. Palin accepting the VP nomination:

Delegates will be called to order at about 7 pm ET, after which former Silicon Valley CEOs and McC[a]in campaign advisers, Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman will address Republicans.

Huckabee and Romney, both former McCain rivals, will speak just befor[e] the prime time hour at 10 pm ET. Romney, who was at the top of the vice presidential shortlist less than a week ago, will “outline differences between the visions” between McCain and Obama, according to the Boston Globe. Huckabee, a Baptist minister who won the first contest of the primary season in Iowa, plans to talk about “Right Reform and Right Reason.”Giuliani delivers his keynote address just before Palin. He is expected to continue the convention’s focus on 9/11 and McCain’s efforts in the war on terror.

I’m disappointed that Huck won’t be speaking on the networks, although Palin’s presence on the ticket has somewhat overshadowed the need for Huck’s blessing. As for Rudy, he has been making the talk show rounds in St. Paul and has been in fine fighting form; hopefully we will see some of that trademark in-your-face combativeness tonight, like the line here – watch Rudy literally laugh in Alan Colmes’ face around the 2:30 mark – about how Obama never found any corruption in Chicago because “he’s not very observant”: