Sununu Battles Back

David Broder, hardly a source likely to report good news for the GOP until it’s fully established, says that John Sununu is pulling back into striking distance of Jeanne Shaheen in a race many Republicans gave up for dead months ago:

Here on the ground, it looks a lot less certain that Democrat Jeanne Shaheen will cut short the promising career of Sen. John Sununu, namesake son of a White House chief of staff under the first President Bush.

Shaheen, a former governor who lost a close race to Sununu six years ago in an environment much more hospitable to Republicans, was a double-digit favorite early this year when she heeded supporters’ pleas and left a Harvard administrative job to test Sununu again. But last weekend, as she and Sununu marched with their supporters in the Londonderry parade and then hobnobbed with voters at the Greekfest here, Shaheen acknowledged that things have changed.

Reflecting on a University of New Hampshire poll released July 23 that gave her a 46 percent to 42 percent lead — the tightest in any public poll in a year — Shaheen said, “We always knew it would be close. It’s always difficult to beat an incumbent.”

Sununu, who moved from the House to the Senate, gloated in a separate interview that he has hoarded his TV ad money, while “Shaheen spent $700,000 this summer and didn’t move her numbers at all.”