Hard-Hitting New McCain Ad Highlights Obama's Tax Hikes, Celebrity

I really like the new McCain ad (see here for Jonathan Martin’s take and Obama’s response):

The McCain ad people have really have found their voice in turning out-of-control Obamania against Obama, who will be picking his teeth out of his tonsils from this one. It’s a great ad in three ways.First, it hits Obama on taxes, hard, and that’s a theme that is always an electoral winner for the GOP. Obama’s voted for tax hikes and proposed a dizzying array of hikes going forward, including hikes in the income tax, payroll tax, capital gains tax, estate tax, some corporate taxes, carbon taxes, as well as opposing McCain’s plans to cut corporate taxes and suspend the gas tax…I’m probably forgetting a few here. Obama responds by intoning that his tax plans aren’t aimed at people making less than $250,000, but he can’t run from his own votes and, among other things, he hasn’t proposed any such limitation on capital gains taxes, which as this ad emphasizes are often paid by older people selling assets to pay for retirement, and he’s been evasive on where he intends to set the bar on his proposed payroll tax hikes.

Second, the continuing theme of bashing runaway Obamania is effective because Obama can’t stop his supporters from acting like smitten schoolboys and the last thing he wants to spend time doing in mid-campaign is try to tell people not to like him so much.

And third, the ad actually ties the first two together – Obama’s gotten so carried away with his own grandeur that he’s lost sight of how the cost of all his proposals ideas will hit the people who have to pay for it.