Chicago Politics In A Nutshell: "Most aldermen, most politicians are hos"

We’re overdue here to update our Corrupt Democrat Watch, but I couldn’t resist fronting a quote from former Chicago Democratic Alderman Arenda Troutman, who pleaded guilty yesterday to mail and tax fraud for shaking down developers (charges that could land her in jail for 4-5 years) – Troutman was caught on tape saying the following:

“Most aldermen, most politicians are hos”

As the Chicago Tribune notes, Troutman had tried the usual tactics when charges were first brought, but was compelled by the evidence to admit that she was, in fact, guilty:

After she was charged with corruption in early 2007, Ald. Arenda Troutman (20th) defiantly denied wrongdoing and suggested she had been targeted for political reasons.

“Folk in my community understand there can be false allegations when there is someone who is the voice of the people,” Troutman told the Tribune at the time.

But on Wednesday, a subdued Troutman admitted that prosecutors had been right after all and that for several years she had solicited cash from developers to back projects in her ward.


In the 33-page plea agreement, Troutman admitted it was “the general practice” of her office to direct staffers to solicit donations from developers seeking to do business in the 20th Ward. Prosecutors laid out payoffs totaling $21,500 in the document.

Whether it was to change zoning, allow alley access or approve the sale of city-owned property, Troutman made it clear her support “would either not be forthcoming or would be delayed” if she weren’t paid, the plea agreement said.

Remind me again why the Democrats are running a Chicago machine pol for the White House?