Use of the Phrase "Blood Libel" was a Mistake. [Closed and annotated.]

[Hi!  Diary now closed: if I feel like being lectured to on tone by former Republicans who want to hide the fact that they support “yanking the federal government up by the roots and throwing it in the ocean, ” I know who to call. – Moe Lane]

I wish someone would sit Sarah Palin down and convince her to eschew a White House bid and end that discussion so that her supporters might move on to a more suitable candidate.  As fond of her as I am and as enthusiastically as I might support a campaign for the Senate or House I hate having to consider actually having to cast a vote for a Palin presidency and her use of the phrase “blood libel” perfectly illustrates the reason.  Have you ever noticed how exercised patriots become when some fraud who isn’t a veteran claims to be one?  Well, this is worse.

Whether it’s intellectual laziness or not, I don’t know.  It comes across like immaturity.  Blood libel is a practise so evil that I can hardly imagine a comparison.  What the liberal press is doing to Palin is not blood libel and a serious candidate for the Oval Office should know that.  In fact, a serious candidate for the Oval Office should know better than to leap into this fray at all.  She has let lesser individuals bully her into a public pronouncement knowing that her every public utterance is twisted by them into another libel.  Who are her advisors?  She should have flipped them the finger and let the Tea Parties respond for her.  For whatever reason, it seems she cannot resist their bait and that’s a fatal habit for one who aspires to the presidency.