What Happend to the Conservative Movement?

What Happened to the Conservative Movement?


I’m sitting back today disillusioned. It’s amazing to me where the GOP and the Conservative movement are today. Recently the GOP was on the verge of a generational shift, the Republican party held both chambers of Congress, and the White house, in a now self-defining ‘center right’ nation. Only we, the conservative movement, didn’t hold our elected leaders to the fire. There where distractions, big ones. Why with the left playing politics with the war, I myself am a little guilty of this, and I sacrificed many instances for the sake of party unity to defeat our foreign enemy. Unfortunately our elected leaders became self-centered, and governed contrary to the principles of the people who elected them.

We the GOP overspent, we increased the size of government, passed one of the largest entitlement expansions without paying for it. Far from reign in the deficit, and debt, we grew it. So by 2006, with opposition to the Iraq war at a fever pitch, and the Conservative base having no leg to stand on due to these facts, we were wiped out, and a new generational shift was upon us.

Enter Barrack Obama, his historic election was supposed to seal the deal for the Democrats, only they made a terrible miscalculation, putting the inexperienced and incompetent ‘community organizer’ or whatever the hell that is ahead of Clinton. I’m pretty confident had Clinton won that election, we wouldn’t have had the gifts Obama has given us. Unconstitutional power grabs disguised health care, a massive Keynesian economic focus in an economic downturn, Eric Holder. Clinton would not have made these mistakes, so the GOP has been given a gift here. All be it unintentional, but a gift none the less. Those gifts are invaluable, as it’s allowed us back into the game early.

 So what do we do with that gift? We’re well on our way to nominating a guy who is the grandfather of government mandates? Are we still hypocrites or what? What leg will we have to stand on, attacking Obama on this key issue? Romney also signed the nation’s first carbon tax, or cap and trade scheme. Obama wasn’t even successful enough to get this passed due to Conservative resistance. Now we nominate the guy who first singed this into law? What about the second amendment, sacred to any Conservative, and yet here we nominate someone who signed a tough, and permanent gun ban? On what alternate reality have I teleported into? Romney has many, many other very liberal aspects of his record, like he once defended how minors in his state could get abortions without parental consent or notification, hiked taxes nearly a billion dollars and still had the debt rise on his watch, and let’s not forget, he was third worst in job creation, well, well, below the nation in every category. And this was during the best of times.

 Honestly I don’t see how this movement with the fire it injected back into a broken, defeated party, and brought it back to the heights of 2010, has been muffled and silenced into submission. We need new leadership. Clearly the establishment, the elite, the money, doesn’t believe in Conservative principles, they don’t believe we can win. They are constantly foisting liberal nominees upon us, who end up losing anyway. Why are we being led by people who don’t believe in us? We need new leadership. Why have we nominated a more successful liberal than the guy we’re trying to replace? I mean do Conservatives believe Obama had the right policies just was the wrong guy? It seems to me that’s the only way someone could support Romney. We need new leadership. I’m just sick and tired of the tough Conservative talk from the GOP only to be sold out time and time again, to be constantly told we need to liberalize to win elections. The establishment has been working to deny delegates to candidates who won states, disenfranchising the base of the party. We need new leadership. Here we have a nominating process where someone can get nominated after losing nearly every GOP state in the country. The party is in horrible repair, nearly irrevocable condition. If things don’t change soon, I don’t see how it continues to stand. Who every is in charge of strategy needs to be fired, we need new leadership.