American Exceptionalism and The Conservative Battle

(Originally posted on my personal blog – http://nsagraduate.wordpress.com/)

Two brief thoughts:

1. I believe in American Exceptionalism.  What made America “exceptional” in the past was her willingness to stand for the principles of liberty and free enterprise while acknowledging that it is the God of the Bible who gives us all good things.  For these reasons we sing “God Bless America”, say “In God We Trust” and “one nation under God”, and admit our consciences are pricked by those doing evil around the world.  These Christian principles were at one time prevalent in our society and guided our values.  Now they’re collecting dust on our shelves and our society has lost all sense of principle and morality in failing to acknowledge the evil that abounds inside our own borders.  The only way America can be “exceptional” again is to scrape the scales from our eyes, see our sins for what they are, repent, and thank God He is willing and able to forgive.  It is God’s grace that made America exceptional in the past, and only His mercy and forgiveness that will make us exceptional in the future.  It is not by our own works, but by His grace.

2. Conservatives need to embrace the cultural battle before us.  When 51% of our engaged population promotes an agenda that happily murders babies and praises sexual immorality, we have lost the hearts and souls of the American people.  We cannot fight for limited government and personal responsibility when the foundations of our society have been so crippled.  Our strategy must be to rebuild the foundations of Christianity so that we have something concrete to stand on.  Conservative principles cannot work in a godless, immoral society – we should have figured that out by now.  Look at the national map of the county election results.  Conservatism remains popular in rural societies where people still care about each other and know if you’re at church or skipping out.  Where your neighbors know if you’re cheating on your wife and they hold you accountable for how you treat others.  Conservatism doesn’t exist in our urban centers, where there is no accountability, no objective morality, and thus liberalism reigns.  We must fight to reform our cities – to create new forms of accountability.  This begins in our churches and congregations, and faithful churches will influence communities, and our communities will in turn influence our politics.  There is no other way.