Election Day 2012: The Aftermath

(Originally posted on my personal blog – http://nsagraduate.wordpress.com.)

I woke up this morning to find that last night’s results remained the same.  Well actually, that’s not true – this morning it was worse.  President Obama increased his lead in the popular vote, proving that at least 60 million of our countrymen are incapable of discernment, considering him to be worthy of another four years of leadership.

And yet, we move… forward.  (Ironic, no?)

Today is a new day, the sun still rises, people aren’t rioting in the streets (not on account of the election, anyway), and Jesus still reigns as King.  We can and will survive four more years of President Barack Hussein Obama.  He will do his worst, and we will do our best.  In the end, hopefully we’ll cancel each other out.

So now we must ask ourselves: What do we do now?  What does “our best” look like?

  • First, we must recognize and admit that we as conservatives compromised with Mitt Romney as the “Republican” alternative.  I said this repeatedly during the primaries – Mitt Romney is not a conservative.  Conservatives across the country settled with him back in the spring, and we paid for that compromise.  Ends up the two were not different enough.
  • Secondly, we need to do our part to make certain that we stop making the same mistake of “settling.”  When we have a chance in 2015 to get behind a real conservative candidate in the Republican primary, we need to do so. We need to consolidate.  We need to unify.  The only way to do so is to educate ourselves, our families, and our neighbors.  Conservatives need a viable strategy that is focused on actually preserving life without exceptions.  Conservatives need to recognize that we can’t afford military engagements around the world when we can’t afford to handle our own debt (regardless of whether or not we ought to be doing anything abroad).
  • Third, we need to get serious about our kids.  That begins with standing up to the government-run public schools.  Republicans as a group should be pushing against public schools across the board.  If the federal government or the state can refer to our children as “their kids,” then we are falling down on the job.  Our children are OUR CHILDREN, and their education is our responsibility.  If your kids’ public schools aren’t teaching them the Bible, morality, and values, then you’re destroying your children’s future.  They will grow up with no respect, no foundation, and no responsibility.  It doesn’t work to just offer those things to them at home.  Kids need those values and morals repeatedly taught.  It’s what gives us a conscience.  Kids without a conscience end up having sex freely, stealing, cheating, doing drugs, and failing miserably in life.  Look around you – that’s the kind of kids we’re graduating from our public schools.What’s the answer?  PRIVATE EDUCATION.  Find a private school.  Homeschool.  Make the necessary sacrifices to show that you’re serious about raising and taking responsibility for your children.  Do whatever it takes.
  • Fourth (though it is primary), we need to be serious about our Christianity.  It’s not hard to see why President Obama was reelected.  He won 43% of the Protestant vote, and 50% of the Catholic vote.  I’ve got to ask – how can you be a Christian and vote for a blood-thirsty, baby-killing, free sex-loving agenda?  How can you?  I’ll tell you how – because our pastors and our churches have failed.  They’ve not only failed to boldly proclaim the Gospel (which condemns both murder and free sex, as well as a host of other immoralities), but because they’ve failed to hold their congregations accountable.  This is where a free and open membership has destroyed the church.  Pastors must be serious about their obligation to Christ and His Church.  What are the keys for, after all?  If your members are in sin and are unwilling to repent, then they must be excommunicated.  I’m not saying our churches can’t be full of sinners.  They are, they must be, and they always will be.  But our churches should be full of repentant sinners.  Our churches are currently full of murderers and adulterers who are smiled upon and welcomed as “different.”  Love your brothers.  Tell them the truth.  God hates those things.
  • Fifth, and finally, we must focus on our local politics.  Work in your communities, elect Godly men and women to lead your towns and cities.  Volunteer.  Run for office.  Preach the Gospel.  Aid the poor.  Assist the orphaned and widowed.  Love your neighbor.  We’ll only see true progress in our nation if we’re making changes at the ground level.