Calling All Undecided and Unenthusiastic Conservative Voters!

You know who you are.  You didn’t vote for Mitt Romney in the primary – he’s a moderate, was governor of a liberal state, isn’t consistently pro-life, etc.  He’s not your guy.

You’re a Conservative – down to your bones.  You believe in free markets, liberty, as small a federal government as possible, less taxes, less government spending, less focus on foreign interests and more focus on our issues at home, less foreign oil and more exploration at home, emphatically anti-abortion, etc.  You voted for Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, or some other more consistent Republican.

You and Mitt Romney are just not a match made in heaven.  You can’t bring yourself to support him.  You don’t want to send money his way and you haven’t stuck a sign in your yard yet.

You’re at a loss.

And to make matters worse, you live in Colorado.  Or Iowa.  Or New Hampshire.  Or Nevada.  Or Wisconsin.  Or Michigan.  Or Ohio.

You live in the all-important, the-nation’s-eyes-are-on-you… swing state.

So what are you going to do?

You face a tough decision: vote for a guy you don’t really like, vote for some 3rd-party candidate who can’t win the election no matter how much money you give him/her, or don’t vote at all.

Let me be brief – if you’re unhappy with Barack Hussein Obama as President of the United States, and you think his policies and governing have been less than tolerable, then there’s only one thing you really can do, and that’s VOTE HIM OUT.  Unfortunate as it may be, there is only one way to do this, and that is to hold your nose, suck in as much breath as possible, and check the box/mark the circle next to Mitt Romney.  This election is just as much about getting Obama out of the White House (and even more so, I might argue) than it is getting Romney in.

I’m not suggesting you endorse Mitt Romney, I’m not asking you to even give him money or put one of his signs in your yard.  I can’t even bring myself to go that far.  What I am suggesting you do is vote Obama out by voting for Mitt Romney.

I know he’s not the solution to all our problems, and I know we have a lot of work to do over the next few months and years to fix everything that has been destroyed by Barack Obama and his administration, but in order to begin working on those issues, we need to have Obama himself out of the White House.  With Romney sitting in the Oval Office, we can make progress.  We can begin to stop the bleeding.  We can begin slowing down our path to destruction and demise.  We can begin to focus on how we will turn the car around.

Because ultimately, as conservatives, that is our goal.  We love this country.  We love all of the good things it stands for.  We love to hear our people sing “God Bless America” because we know that God really is blessing America.  We know that the last four years have hurt us as a nation.  We know that these last four years have brought great decline on our society, and we recognize that Republicans have been a large part of the problem.  But we’re not afraid to make a hard decision – not afraid to show we’re ready to stop causing problems and start the process of solving them.

Four more years of Obama will cripple our nation and cast us into the ditch of history.  Four more years will destroy our culture and terminate our once-strong economy.

I can’t handle four more years.

Can you?