Enough of the empty rhetoric already!

I’m done with all the hopey-changey talk coming from the left.  Not that I was ever a fan, but the pick-me-ups and inspirational talks always make an American feel like he’s got the situation under control.  Like there’s hope for tomorrow.  Like he’ll soon see a brighter day.  Oh wait, now I’m doing it, too…

The empty rhetoric and promises of a brighter future need to stop.  From both sides of the aisle.

Of course, I’ve come to expect this talk from the liberals I know.  The only way they can succeed is by appealing to the heartstrings of Americans.  “Tell us how you feel!  We want to help you.  We’ll start this government program that will greatly improve your life.  Don’t worry about trying to find a job – we’re here for you.”  … And then these promise-makers get happily elected and become promise-keepers, growing government like it’s going out of style.

All the while you and I watch from our side of the street, holding up signs saying “We’ve had enough!  Too many Taxes!  Small government > Big Government!”  We want the government out of our lives.  We want less restrictions.  We want change.  We have hope.  We’re patriots.  We believe.  We can do this.  We will end government oppression.

momentary pause for all of the above to sink in….

What we seem to have missed is the fact that we conservatives are as full of hot air as the next guy, even if that next guy is blue and looks like a jackass (pardon my French).  We have failed in the same area as our colleagues on the left, and I think it’s time that someone steps up and admits this.

What I want to see from conservatives is an unabashed determination to make concrete changes.  I don’t want the promise of smaller government without a large addendum attached that lists all of the government agencies that are going to cut off from the face of the earth.  I want to know that we’re making actual changes in Washington, with government restrictions making a visible retreat from my private life.

This goes for every conservative presidential candidate.  I don’t want to hear about how much you hate Washington, or how much you’re Fed Up with the Fed.  I don’t want a debate over who can put the best spin on an issue and make it sound good to all Americans.  I don’t want a debate over ideas.  I want a debate over actions.  I want to know the concrete changes you’ll make.  Ideas are like a cloud – you can’t pin them down.  I can’t judge whether you can make pudding while the powder’s still in the box.  I want to see it solidifying.  I want to taste the pudding.  I want the proof.

For instance, I want to know that you’re talking with health care gurus and administrators about how to start phasing out Medicare and Medicaid completely.  I want to see you holding discussions with education professionals and school administrators to solve the needs of education in this country, so that it’s eventually not a state-funded program, but privately funded, as it should be.  I want to know that there are visible steps being taken to make visible changes.  I want to know that steps are being (and will continue to be) taken that will not just stem the tide of spending by our government, but actually cut spending by (for all practical purposes) 90% so that we can eliminate almost every tax and actually stimulate the economy by means of government retreat from our private life, not more government involvement.

Imagine the changes.  Imagine the improvements.  No more empty rhetoric.  Actual change.  Actual responsibility.

Now that would make me proud to be an American.