For those who think Walmart is evil

I want to pass along a story for you.

I work for a local telecom company.   In the community spirit we participated in a Community of Trees event

in which we provided a decorated tree for a low income family.

One of the ladies in our office, after receiving a thank you note from the family became motivated.

This family consisted of a single dad, with twin kindergartners and an 18 month old son.  They had literally nothing.  They possessed three bath towels and the dad had size 12 feet and was wearing size 10 winter boots.

We decided as a group to “adopt” this family for Christmas.  They had no winter clothes, and in North Dakota right now, that isn’t a good thing.

So today, I made a trip to Walmart.  Winter parkas were on sale for (are you ready)  $7.00!!

We delivered 4 winter coats, hats, mittens, socks, and winter boots for a total of $97.00.

We also have obtained a microwave, toaster, bedding, towels, toys, and many other items to make

this a Christmas to remember.

For those who say that Walmart is evil, I say,

Bah Humbug