Why so gloomy? Romney had his doors blown off in SC

I am ecstatic because after months of media and establishment conditioning of the base, and the hasty calls for allowing Romney to wrap it up quickly, I was very concerned we’d end up with the grandfather of ObamaCare and a believer in Keynesian style command and control economic planning as our nominee.

Gingrich wasn’t my first choice. My first choice didn’t even run. He wasn’t my second choice either, Perry was. Though, to me, it seemed like his heart wasn’t in it. I don’t think he is stupid or even inarticulate. A three-term governor of Texas could never be those things; Texans are too proud and intelligent to keep sending back a guy like that to run their State. He just wasn’t focused, and I was concerned about that because priority number one after being nominated is to beat Obama, going up against a billion dollars worth of everything Obama has to shovel out. Whoever our nominee will be has to focus on that like a laser beam, and fight that battle like the future of our country depends on it because it does, and I kept getting the vibes from Perry that he really doesn’t want to be President. I could be wrong, but that is the impression I got.

And so I went to Gingrich for lack of anyone better who has the ‘fire in the belly’ that it will take to do the very first job after being nominated. He does have baggage, and it isn’t that I don’t care about that stuff. I do. But comparing Gingrich’s baggage and accomplishments to Obama’s baggage and lack of accomplishment, Gingrich still comes out miles ahead. Some bring up the Fannie/Freddie consulting gig and say Gingrich is sunk in the general election because of that, but they forget that Obama took more money from F&F while in office, surpassing the amount given to politicians who had been in Congress for decades with only a partial term in the Senate under his belt – even more than Chris Dodd and Barney Frank. He’s also been shoveling hundreds of billions in tax dollars into F&F ever since he took office, and hasn’t gotten around to reforming them, which seems strange since they were at the epicenter of the housing crisis. Obama has 10x more skeletons in his closet, built up over a very brief political career in which he has accomplished nothing but mounting disaster; he makes anything that might stick to Newt look like a minor infraction, in a political sense of course.

Newt is not perfect, it’s true. He wasn’t my first choice, or even my second. But I am not concerned about nominating him.