The over-selling of the TRAIN Act

Be sure to read the bill before calling your congressional representative regarding the TRAIN Act.  Many of us have seen the summary bullet points in the associated propaganda, but when compared to the actual text of the bill, a stark contrast between them can be clearly seen.

My summary is as follows:

The TRAIN Act instructs the President to form a committee of various officials within the executive branch for the purpose of studying and generating a report regarding the economic impact of certain classes of regulatory rules.


Yes, folks, that’s the extent of it. It is quite a wonder how the text of this bill translates into any form of pushback on the EPA or any other agency for that matter, unless congress plans to do it with a report generated by the likes of Turbo-Tax Timmy at the cost of $2,000,000. Those EPA bureaucrats should be shaking in their boots at the thought.  Even so, there is nothing in this bill mandating any type of action on the basis of the report, and there is no guarantee that the report won’t end up in the circular file before the ink is dry.

I hope no one was holding their breath waiting for the GOP to rip the teeth out of the EPA, because it just isn’t going to happen with the TRAIN Act.