Amnesty is the surest way to bury the Republican Party

George Bush, Carl Rove, John McCain and a large part of the Republican establishment have championed an amnesty for illegal aliens. Proponents say the aliens will have to pay a fine so it isn’t amnesty. The recently proposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform concept is an amnesty. It allows an alien to remain in the U.S. indefinately and achieve the dream of billions of people world wide – American Citizenship. All Democrats with few exceptions consider an amnesty as party dogma. Most of the illegal aliens now in the U.S. are from “South of the Border”; Mexico, Guatamala, Panama, etc. Most of them are economic migrants seeking to earn better incomes in the U.S. and to help themselves to America’s bounty including education, social welfare programs, healthcare, our superior system of laws etc. Most of these folks are poorly educated. This group will certainly seek and accept government asssitance. Many are receiving government benefits including schooling and healthcare.

The Democrat Party is the party of government largess and transfers of wealth from the “Haves to the Have Nots”. Without a doubt, if these aliens receive amnesty and become naturalized citizens, they will vote for whoever promises them more government assistance. They will vote for the politicians promising them more funding for ever more government programs. They will also vote along ethnic lines. They will become Democrats to man (or woman). Anyone disputing this idea only has to look at California. A former Republican stronghold, California is a social experiment yielding various findings and raising questions such as: Could Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan win a Presidential vote in California today? The answer is certainly no. The die has been cast the irrevocable change has come. This sea change in the California electorate is due to immigration.

Without a doubt, the millions of illegal aliens currently in the U.S. would overwhelmingly vote liberal & Democrat if they became citizens. Many are voting that way now illegaly. Some Republicans argue that Latinos are culturally conservative and therefor would be attracted to Republicans through social values. Has that been happening? The recent election doesn’t bear that argument out. Waning G.O.P.fortunes in California as well as other high immigration areas of the country contradict that argument. Rural Mexican and Central American immigrants (legal or illegal)are not fertile ground for those seeking the future base of the Republican Party.

to be continued…..