What Children Learn About Lying

*If you are like me, than you were raised to believe that lying is wrong!*Not only is it harmful to others but it is harmful to you. A small lie takes on a life of it’s own and it becomes increasingly difficult to hide the original deceit. Thus a small lie is hidden behind more and more lies in a never ending web that requires a creative and sinister belief that you can bury the original lie behind the stack of new ones.

Eventually though the house of cards comes tumbling down! Not only is the original lie exposed but the elaborate web of deceit unravels exposing the character of the liar and his or her dishonesty. Those that witness the deceit learn not to trust the liar to provide truthful information. That person is now thought to be lacking and is not credible.

My parents also taught me something else. If you know the truth but actively hide it and this is hurting others than this too is a form of lying. This form of lying can be easier to disguise because it requires one thing, a continued silence. Many people excuse this as there are sometimes good reasons to stay silent. Speaking out may be risky. Speaking out may bring unwanted attention and have consequences on your life that you did not ask for.

Right now I see both forms of lying hurting this country. I wonder how much harm the silence is causing. I wonder how much bigger the web of deceit will grow. The consequences of these lies will not only hurt people now but may hurt people for generations to come. The people doing this lying have a huge stake in being credible. Sadly, they do not seem to care.

Media, your short term goal of electing someone as your candidate has a critical price. You have already paid that price with me, you may not care now, but, the price is permanent and you will learn that I am hardly alone in no longer trusting you. You were entrusted with one main responsibility and you have failed in using that power responsibly.

You see, I have had cause to check the facts of your stories. What I find reveals who you are, and it reveals you to be a liar. Yes, I am talking about you our formerly trusted media.I am giving you notice. You are fired! You are gone with cause. An egregious dereliction of duty and the deliberate and orchestrated deception of the American people. You have a few co-defendants also in Hollywood and the concert circuits and the late night comedy shows. They too are busted, services no longer required. Please take them with you!

The “lost ones”( that still believe you) must continue to be subject to your lying manipulations in order to appease them. Good luck with that. Remember, as our parents told us, “It is a house of cards!” It is hurting people and it will hurt you when it comes tumbling down.

Four more years of lying is a very impossible task even in a Marxist society! Millions of people whom have only known freedom and liberty will not be silenced or fall into line with a leader who is a liar, nor a media that deceives us and attacks the actual truth.

The loss of jobs caused by higher taxes, the crippling of an economy due to asinine environmental policies, the giveaway of billions for UN scam programs, the socializing of government and the false promises of entitlement, the cultural breakdown that leads to chaos,the making of laws in our courts that subverts our Constitution, all of these….and many morecannot be ignored nor lied away. Half of us already realize the liars you are, and eventually a lot more will wake up out of their zombie state and realize the trouble that you have helped wrought upon this great nation.

Journalism should be left to those with sensible parents. Parents that teach their children right from wrong. Obviously you media have gone to long without adult supervision. Obviously your parents never explained the difference between right and wrong. The consequences of your lack of integrity have transformed into the greatest threat that this nation has ever faced since the early days of it’s inception. That threat is the total destruction of our country from within!

The truth about Barack Obama is that a whole tangle of lies are being fabricated to hide the truth.The information is being hidden with more lies and silence.The people tasked to give us the truth are those doing the lying.

Most children know better than to lie!