Invasion of Privacy

Invasion of Privacy

The criminal hackers got in, than posted the password info on a public liberal forum hoping to quickly cause maximum damage. Most know by now this has happenedbut here is a link to Women for Sarah Palinhttp://womenforsarahpalin.typepad.com/my_weblog/ that covers the story.

I hear how we need to come together as a country all the time. How can we with people acting like this?This whole campaign in this most electronic age has been downright sickening.

The protection of one candidate that should not be where he is and the absolute unmitigated and hideous assault on the opposition reminds one of high school jealousies and the backstabbing games played out in that environment. The press should be absolutely ashamed by their lack of due diligence but they defiantly deny it.

Its almost as if the teachers have joined in with the pranksters. The collusion of a formerly respectable network like ABC with the obvious dirt digging ploys orchestrated by the formerly respected Charles Gibson leave today’s developments as no surprise.

The RNC had disrespectful speech interruptions and anarchists attacking buses of old people and Cub Scouts. This is the left of today and the lines they will cross transcend the law, the sense of decency, and any social norms.

No I do not want to get along with these people. No I do not think they are proud to be American or are they trying to better our country.

This is totally unacceptable and though Obama will claim plausible deny ability, this is exactly the specialty he grew up with from his days as a community organizer and with the Rev. Wright sermons.This is Rules for a Radical 101 hoped for results!

Who condones this behavior? Evidently all those nicely dressed liberal politicians with their beards, and smiles or their pants suits and pasty smiles because the only condemnations I hear from anyone comes from Republicans when one of their own does something outrageous. I sure don’t hear a thing from the left unless a day or two has passed and they decide that they probably need to say something. Than of course they all line up to kind of apologize.

No, I am sorry, I do not want to work with these people. I want these people voted out. I want my country to be represented by principled, fair, and decent people who love this country and always know the difference between right and wrong!

There is only one side acting with any modicum of decency and I thank God they are on my side and on the side of the American people!

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