The Bush Brush

Charlie Gibson tried it in each interview. Maureen Dowd did with her recent comments in the NYT

Like W., Sarah has the power of positive unthinking.

In fact it is difficult not to read or listen to the usual suspects formally known as the mainstream media without hearing or reading of the attempt to link her with “Bush thinking” or as they refer to it in Dowds example above “unthinking

Talk about being on the same team! This is the Obama strategy!

Time will tell if this strategy works to change any minds not already made up.More likely though is the continued backlash against the medias accomplice statuspractically flaunted in our faces.

The Bush derangement syndrome will continue as the Palin derangement syndrome.

It must be very frustrating that all those art classes just do not seem to be paying any dividends though. The more they paint, the worse they look, not her!