Obama Job Shopping/Europe

*Introduction of Obama letter to Europe*

Dear Europeans,

I have recently learned of your extremely informed opinion that one Mr. Barack H. Obama enjoys your overwhelming support over ‘there’.*Mr. Obama is very lucky indeed to have your endorsement.*

As you might have heard Mr. Obama is extremely intelligent and ranks as our best known community organizer. Mr. Obama has attended the Harvard Law School and was voted in as the first black man to be President of the Harvard Law Review. I am sorry but due to the short time constraint required of this response I was unable to obtain a copy of his legal writings to enclose. However his lovely wife who attended Princeton did have a thesis available which I am sure you will find intellectually satisfying.

Mr. Obama is also a very versatile basketball player as you witnessed in his recent European tour. I know he also doesn’t look half bad in a gym as you were also privy to during his visit. Due to the upsurge(sorry for using that term) in interest of the sport of basketball in Europe, I felt this would be pleasing for you to know.

Mr. Obama may be just the politician you need over ‘there’, he knows what you think about us Americans.Mr. Obama also shares your faith in the value of negotiating through the great U.N. institution.Mr. Obama will defer to the U.N a lot rather than be bothered with selfish self serving U.S. interests. I believe that you will find this to your liking!Mr. Obama also feels and understands that a defensive missile system just creates more problems and certainly does not want that to happen. You will be pleased to know that those missiles will be ‘outta there’!

Mr. Obama, can I call him Barack?, knows that we just cannot continue to overheat the planet and let the oceans rise up high. Barack knows Al Gore as you know Al Gore. Barack knows how to spend a very large amount of money to fix these problems.Barack will organize a world wide effort to end the climate change that is currently occurring worldwide (except in the countries of India & China). Carbon will not have a fighting chance with Barack around!*Barack also has a very open mind. Barack knows a good idea when he sees one. Socializing health care is just such an idea. Barack knows that individuals do not have to pay for their basic health needs ‘there’ and has stated that we are entitled to the same here. Barack has studied putting this idea into affect for many industries to make everything fair.We all know that business is just making too much money and that if a government such as many of yours were in charge everything would really be top hat than! *I told you he was smart!

Barack is all about change. You can believe in his change. Did you know that Barack will change Africa by giving the UN one trillion dollars to start?That will stop all the wars and will be peacefully used to feed and educate the people there. The Sudan will soon be a major shopping spot and cruise destination! Now that’s change! Did you know he has relatives there too, his brother will be very happy!Just imagine the miles of solar farms in Ethiopia!

You know Barack knows that it isn’t good to be stubborn and you won’t find him sticking to a position that isn’t working for him. He also knows not talking to enemies is just not right. Barack will change that! In fact borders of countries arelike a stubbornness that just isn’t necessary and he may look into that problem also. Barack knows that treaties are mostly old and tired and he is for change you can believe in. Barack knows that you guys are much more experienced and being a very wise man sees no problem in deferring to your wisdom on these matters!

As you can see Mr. Obama is a man that you Europeans can be most proud of. If you really want him though you need to stop making a mess of the world and helping to start wars all over the globe as you have done throughout your history. Mr. Obama does not like wars, except some wars that he likes.

Mr. Obama has been under the scrutiny of our media for almost two years. You will not even need to do a background check. There is just no reason to doubt this man. The rumors of bad people and radicals in his past are not believable, can you believe these people?! His accomplishments are just so incredible that I will just omit them here because what he will do is much more important any ways.

Somehow or other all the people here just are not as smart as you. I fear they are just not accepting their fate as they are supposed to. In the event that racists vote and he does not win we need a “just-in-case plan”.

*That’s where you guys come in!*Barack will need a new throng of admirers to continue his rightful place as the new world community organizer.

Please see if we can get him scheduled in a few stadiums where some rock bands are playing. The venues should not be too close to any military bases either and they need *free open beer gardens installed.*I know that you will welcome Mr. Obama with open arms. Let’s hope Mr. Obama will be your leader soon and you too will experience change!

Merci Beaucoup!

Campaign Europe/Obama.con