Capping Progress,Trading Away Freedom and Liberty

In October 2007 Former Vice President Al Gore received 1/2 of the Nobel Peace Prize. This wasshared by the UN agency created to advance the idea of man-made climate change the IPCC.Here is the wording attributed to this prize “for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change”

For years we have known this as “global warming”, and we are told that

* it is man made* it is caused by CO2* that it will have catastrophic consequences* that scientists agree on this* that the models prove the theory* that opponents only dissent due to their "big oil" interests* and that we can reverse the potential effects if we control man made greenhouse gas emissions

Does that sound about right?

The facts are not allowed to get in the way of marketing the idea of thisominous ‘hypothetical boogieman'(borrowed term I read in a Green Watch America article).

The green house gasses model conveniently omits water vapor and other factors that destroy the idea that man made CO2 does anything of any consequence to the environment.

It does not seem to matter to the alarmists that that actual science cannot prove any of this andmore than 31,000 American expert scientists (including 9,000 phd’s) have put their names and reputations on the line to say so.

It also does not seem to matter that we are currently at the beginning of an actual cooling cycleassociated with the solar cycle and that we have measurable cooling since 1998.A long history is available through ice core samples and other means that show that climate change follows a very predictable pattern associated with these solar cycles.

The growing evidence out weighs the rhetoric that man is causing any climate change.

Yes, we do cause a lot of pollution but we have improved a lot in this country and the public awareness in this regard is excellent.

This all brings me back to Mr. Gore.

The drastic proposals suggested for correcting “the problem” and now being implemented across the globe but mainly here and in Europe are going to cause an economic and political catastrophe for the entire world.

Western economies will be smothered and starved of their economic fuel, the whole world will be thrown into turmoil with few winners and many many losers. Liberty, freedom, and prosperity will be the early victims and the whole world will suffer as a result. The vulnerable nations will quickly be ruined by neighboring despots(there are plenty) and bloodshed will be unprecedented in the history of man.

Look at your own life for a smaller example of what would happen on a large scale. If you were suddenly prevented from either getting to or performing your job without paying huge penalty fees for just having a job or using anything you owned what would happen to you or your family?How long could you survive if at all. You, like the other nations of the world would be on your own. How long before your neighbor also in survival mode sweeps in for the kill?

It sounds insane because it is! Imposing these drastic measures to correct a problem invented and promoted by a bitter excuse for a leader should not have earned a Nobel prize, it should have earned him a place besides other notables like Adolph Hitler. The world followed a similar path when Hitler uprooted the natural order under false pretenses. He wrought death and destruction world wide causing death to tens of millions.

Al Gore should be vilified for the role as an early leader of the attack against liberty and freedom at the minimum and possibly the catalyst that began the greatest human catastrophe in the history of the world.

Cap and trade will mean cap progress and trade away your freedom and liberty and it is time to end this insanity before it gains any further traction.