People know a pearl when they see one

Wow! What a difference a week makes.

The RNC has not yet concluded but the final day has a hard act to follow.

Michael Steele, Mitt Romney,Linda Lingal, even Huckabee whipped the crowd into a frenzy,Rudy Gulliani ripped Obama to pieces, and had it ended there it would have been satisfying for me.Governor Lingal gave a more detailed glimpse into the accomplishments and experience of the VP candidate.

The one liners were like arrows of truth finally unleashed and finding their marks deep into the heart of a false picture thus far painted by a fawning incredible media.Friends watching on some of these outlets relayed the reactions and we howled with laughter as we delighted in seeing the fear , panic and true horror on their faces and in their voices they failed to successfully hide. The crowd inside howled and cheered these guided missiles hitting their marks without fail.

The opposing candidates were not the only victims of this verbal slaughter. Some of those struck down the hardest were the very people trying to downplay the nights extreme success, a merciless press that has no problem trying hard to find anything to destroy the candidate they don’t want and never failing to not cross the line of decency. So myself and others took particular joy in hearing them collect their arrows of shame and disgrace.

Sarah Palin has a beautiful family, an all American family, and a great American story we canall relate to. Knowing how they had come under such unfair and vicious attack for wanting to serve the country made me hate the media even more and vow to find a way to express it to others.

The star of the night did not disappoint. Her poised and feisty sides were both on display and her message was believable because you knew it was real and it was true.Any honest person has got to be impressed with the abilities and accomplishments of this hockey mom( I also suspect a few Canadians were cheering).She was spectacular and clearly the crowd agreed and you could feel the dread emanating from the Obama supporters who realize they are in real trouble.

Biden will not best Palin in any debate he will have to struggle mightily not to appear condescending in his face to face debates with her. It will require restraint he does not possess.

Kudos to John McCain he picked well and this shot of energy will last for a very long time.

I decided that I get that the media really isn’t dumb but they sure are unethical.”The One” was selected and Hillary was rejected by these same people even though they saw the same things in him that were pointed out by so many so adroitly tonight.They saw he was very shallow so they looked only on the surface. They all knew better than to dare dig deeper. The frosty on this cake is paper thin and the cake itself is not what it should be.Like the first try of a home-economics student that somehow forgot a few ingredients.

The media is diving very deep and desperately with Sarah thinking they might find only worthless trinkets but they keep finding pearl after pearl. They want to call them trinkets but the only problem is the American people know a pearl when they see one.