Remember "the McCain!"

In 1898 the battleship Maine was sent to Cuba to protect American interests during Cuba’s revolt against Spain.  She was sunk by an explosion after being anchored for three weeks in the harbor of Havana, Cuba.  Blaming the nation of Spain, who at that time was the colonial ruler of Cuba, the battle cry was “Remember the Maine, the hell with Spain!”

OK people.  Going forward, one thing we must keep in mind is, the almost universal consensus among conservatives, that the Republican nominee in 2008, John McCain, was not only a poor candidate by the standards of campaigning and strategy – but he was far, very far, from being an acceptable voice for conservativism.

Yes, I know on many conservative issues he voted the right way.  But what we’re talking about here and now is the potential leader of the Republican Party at a time of crisis and tipping point.  The Maverick was not a conservative when it came to principle and ideology.  During the 2008 campaign his ship was sunk in the very harbor he anchored in for years, the waters of media limelight and accommodation with those across the aisle.

Some say, go with the guy who is most “electable,” who will appeal to that independent out there who doesn’t care for all these conservative/liberal ranglings. Pick someone with the ability to approach issues with some “nuance,” who might be better at working with the other side on various issues.  And by all means please pick someone who the media feels is less “toxic” than those movement conservatives!

Right… and watch him not only not defend and promote a conservative vision, but watch him pathetically defend against attacks from the media and the left with dry policy positions, good will, and genuine consternation as to why he is being slimed. The other side doesn’t care one whit about being reasonable.  They care about winning and promoting their leftist direction for this country.  And this year it’s Chicago style!

I will back an ideological conservative fighter with weaknesses any day over a one-dimensional competent manager of conservative-lite policy initiatives.  It is belief and core principles that determine direction of one’s policies, what one will fight for, and the decisions one takes under fire. Voters will be swayed by whomever makes the case for the best direction of this nation.   I want a candidate who will argue with conviction and passion that the conservative vision is in the best interest of this country.  This is especially true in these times of increasing troubles.

Remember the McCain!