Obama has become Bush?

So how does the left now square Obama’s many failures in representing America to the various countries of the world (England, Russia, Israel, Iran, China, Japan…)?  Given their ridicule toward George Bush with his so-called lack of diplomatic finesse, it may be hard to swallow that Mr. Obama by their own measure makes “W” appear to be quite the statesman.

The “lightness of being” that is Mr. Obama is becoming more apparent with time. And it appears his administration is over-populated with the same like minded, light-weights who are out of their league in the world arena.

Wasn’t Obama’s raison d’etre vis-a-vis Bush how he would better represent America to the world?

Well, according to Big Government, the mainstream Japanese weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun reported that the visit was the “worst” one ever… and additionally from a source at the Japanese Foreign Ministry-
“To tell you the truth, it had to have been the worst US-Japan Summit Meeting in history.”

Three more years, alas…

sir curmudgeon-
 The World’s Ruined