Diddling Dave, Don Imus, And The Media

Given the DEFCON 1 national fury in 2007, I wonder how Don Imus feels about the “equal” outrage filling the various media over Letterman’s calling Gov. Palin’s underage daughter a “ho!”… and his other guttural flatulence regarding Sarah Palin and her daughter (here and here).

Oh, that’s right, diddling Dave didn’t use the word “ho” did he… hmmm. When am I going to learn the media’s sophisticated rules of etiquette on how to slur, demean, and crap on a teenage girl… and otherwise engage in spewing misogynistic vulgarisms as diddling Dave has?!

And by the way, when will President Obama register his outrage concerning Letterman as he did regarding Imus in the first link above?