Scandal News Flash

Thinking about the latest National Enquirer smear on Sarah Palin, I had this passing absurd thought of what one could expect in the next “news story” from the MSM.

“News Flash at NY Times Online:

“Just breaking via the National Enquirer is news of an affair between Sarah Palin and, yes, John Edwards!

“The media is all over the story.”

“The New York Times has wasted no time by publishing online a sidewalk encounter between their reporter and Gov. Palin, detailing Palin’s denials of involvement… the implications for the McCain campaign… plus a preview of tomorrow’s front page story on Palin’s reported infidelity.

“As of now, The New York Times has refrained from running any aspect of the story in terms of John Edwards involvement and has no plans to do so. The paper claims there is not enough credible evidence in The National Enquirer story to implicate or confront Edwards (plus the fact he is not a candidate) and therefore sees no reason to drag his good name into the mud at this point.”

All the news fit to…