Dear Senator

A copy of a recent message to my Senator:


Your recent vote against “Kate’s Law” and the defunding of sanctuary cities defieth all understanding, and reveals how pathetically degraded the Democrat Party has become. Your vote aids and abets cities that violate Federal law, defies the will of the people, and abdicates your duty to protect your own citizens.

Not that disregard of your constituents is anything new. Obamacare, for example, was “passed” over the strong objections of most of us. The Iran deal was opposed by most of your constituents.

I have come to despise your party. You and your party stood by silently when opponents of the Administration were harassed by the IRS and other agencies. Your party did nothing about Fast and Furious and Benghazi. Your party has tolerated numerous abuses of power by the President, and seems undisturbed by DOJ and IRS defiance of Congress and the courts.

Your party has become, by the standards of our Nation’s founding, anti-American. The Democrat Party encourages illegal immigration and voter fraud, and shows no hesitation to force Americans against their will.

Your party should be renamed The Parasite Party, since you hold on to power by handing out free (other peoples’) money, creating parasites who feed off productive citizens thus owing you their votes. This is the underlying premise of Obamacare, which I, and several doctors I know, despise. Your party’s parasite passion is driving the nation into bankruptcy. My children and grandchildren will not view you kindly! Parasite policies have destroyed families and degraded conventional values. You reward indolence and poverty and wonder why this is more of it. You punish enterprise and wonder why there are few jobs.

You have forced me to support the parasites my whole working life. They don’t have to come to my door with a gun because you do the robbing for them. Your government extortion racket nets Democrat votes, but is profoundly immoral. Yes, I despise your party.