One Old Guy Against the Emperor


I am an older guy, knocking on the door of 70. Over the years I’ve seen a gradual erosion of personal freedom and a growing disrespect for others and the rule of law. Disrespect and lawlessness now reach all the way to the Attorney General and the President. The President has become de facto emperor, his unpopular edicts constantly delayed past the next election. Congress is unwilling to challenge him, and the courts have unconditionally surrendered, telling us essentially, “Don’t believe your lying eyes when you read the Constitution.”

The emperor rules in a twilight zone of upside-down values, where it is called “fair” for much of the population to live at the expense of the rest. Personal responsibility is a concept from a previous age. People have no voice in who can marry or who can vote in their own states. Attackers of Christianity promote the philosophies of mass murdering dictators. Racial differences and envy are exploited for political gain. Life in the increasingly dangerous urban areas has little worth, unless the victim is black and killed by a white. Now the street thug is the victim, especially if he assaults a police officer. He can even teach at a leftist re-education center (college) if he kills one.

Those who challenge these upside-down values and admire the country’s founding principles are dismissed as radicals. Count me in! For the first time in my life, I am witnessing tyranny in my own country. I hereby declare that I stand against the emperor.

Many Democrats are cheering the emperor’s latest decree, eager to cede Congressional authority to the Executive. That few welcomed the immigration decree doesn’t faze them. This latest lawlessness is especially grating for me since my wife is a permanent resident. We spent several thousand dollars and waited two years before she could come here. I’m asking for a refund!

These accumulated tyrannies have finally broken my spirit of civility. I am beyond “mad as hell.” It has become difficult to watch TV because of the frequent reflection of that bird on the screen. The emperor, his enablers and defenders don’t deserve civility, any more than someone who breaks into my house. Their treatment of me is not civil. They are constantly using the force of government against me. My values are mocked, my opinions disregarded, complaints to my Democrat Senator robo-answered with a condescending lecture. . I am called selfish if I resent what I have earned being taken by force to subsidize indolence.

Last month, we received a notice from the company providing health insurance for most of my family. As “a result of new guidance from the federal government” we are allowed to keep our current health plan one more year. How nice of the emperor to give us a reprieve! Of course, the insurance company took the opportunity to slip in a 21.8% increase. Since a comparable ACA-approved plan is 140% more, I should be grateful.

No, I didn’t check the Obamacare website. This is where I take my first stand against the emperor. I am not cooperating with this tyranny in any way. I refuse to buy an ACA-approved policy or pay a fine. If they want to fine me, they will have to come and get it.

During a recent visit, my daughter’s dermatologist stated she “despised” Obamacare. Other doctors have given me a similar opinion, anticipating a future as serfs of the emperor. Many Americans gave their opinions loudly in town-hall meetings. Their representatives didn’t hear them. The President didn’t hear them either, evidently too busy listening to those who didn’t vote.

I also despise this law. I despise the sleazy way it was passed, and the lies told to sell it. I despise the Democrats who forced this on us. I despise the arrogant, holier-than-us leftist philosophy behind the effort. I don’t like the use the word “despise,” but, as you may recall, I am no longer being civil.

I don’t want my representatives reaching across the aisle to the Democrats or the emperor. I want these people stopped! They are soiling the beautiful gift of the Founders. Their destination is a parasite paradise somewhere left of Venezuela. Since I desire to live as a free man, they are my enemy.

My enemy has not hesitated to send the IRS after their opponents (like me if this article is published). A stand needs to be made against an agency so incompatible with a free society, but as the lead-in to a local tax lawyer’s radio ad says, “If you aren’t afraid of the IRS, you should be.” Any stand I could make against the IRS would almost certainly have the same outcome as Gen. Custer’s last one. I’ll have to settle for hoping Santa leaves a repeal the 16th amendment bill under the Congressional Christmas tree.

A child can see the emperor has no clothes, but evidently not the voters. These people I despise have been voted into office. In the words of the Pogo comic strip, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

If the American people don’t want tyranny, we have to stop voting to lay its foundations. Those who previously voted for fantasy (hope and change), now see the disasters accumulate and vote for revenge (the fantasy having been exposed). Better to vote for a common sense, real-world philosophy in the first place.

The emperor may have been voted into office, but he can only do harm if others carry out his orders. An IRS employee who goes after enemies of the emperor is an accessory to tyranny. So is a government employee who carries out illegal immigration orders. Someone knows what really went on at the IRS, in Fast and Furious, and at Benghazi. Tyranny grows with their silence. It is not Michelle Obama’s secret agents dishing out starvation rations for school lunches, but local school district employees.

If tyranny isn’t stopped by a vote, someone has to stand in its way, so I stand against the emperor. The small effort of one old guy is insignificant, a simple act of integrity, nothing compared to the men who pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor in 1776. Firm non-violent stands have to be made in massive numbers to turn the insignificant into significance. I would like to see a TV interview where the Obamacare victim says, “Take this law and shove it,” instead of agonizing over how to pay the new bloated premium. I would like to see parents stop buying school lunches. I would like to see Congressional switchboards swamped with calls to eliminate the IRS. More of us have to stop just going along.  We need a lot more Rosa Parks, Tom Fittons, Sharyl Attkissons, and John Dodsons. If some of us stand against the emperor, there may be a few cow pies strewn along his path. If millions take a stand, he will find a snake on his path upon which he dare not tread.


Gary Horne is a retired engineer and founder of (and only barber at) barbershopvalues.com.