Chief Liar, Thug, and Extortionist

The President is out rounding up the usual suspects, those evil Republicans and that source of Democrat athlete’s foot itch, Fox News.  His recent “offensive” contained the feeble statement that, “There’s no widespread evidence that the Affordable Care Act is hurting jobs.”  Can’t someone (besides me) call this what it really is “…a lie!”  Of course, that pales compared all the lies told before this was passed.  Lies ooze out of this administration, even stuff like this.

But a thug is worse than a liar.  If you oppose the administration, you are likely to see a government agent at your door.  Not only Tea Party organizations, but Romney backers and critics such as Libertarian commentator Wayne Allyn Root.  It is not just BP with a boot on their throat.  Now his surrogate thugs are busy calling opponents all kinds of names: anarchists, suicide bombers, terrorists, secessionists, and that dreaded insult, teabaggers.  Boy, somebody must have hit a nerve!

Not to be outdone, President Obama recently accused the House of Representatives of extortion for approving a CR without funding Obamacare.  This is the response of a schoolyard bully who just got punched in the nose.

Who does the President think he is talking about, some mafia guys who showed up at the White House gate?  This is the House of Representatives, you know, the people who make the laws.  How is the House not spending money for something extortion?  After all, they have already repealed ACA, why should they be funding it?  They represent us and most of us don’t want it.

Extortion is getting money from someone by force or threats.  The House isn’t trying to get money for Obamacare.  Isn’t the President trying to get the House to hand over some money using threats?  Aren’t the President and the Democrats the ones willing to shut down government if they don’t get the money?  So, who would be the extortionist?

The President is very fond of redistributing wealth, taking from some of us and giving to other individuals or corporate friends.  When was the last time the IRS (Obama’s employees) asked you if you wanted some of your tax dollars to be given to someone else?  The IRS is definitely willing to use force against you if you refuse.  Doesn’t that make them extortionists?  Doesn’t that make their boss Chief Extortionist.  Are they immune simply because they are “government?”  Are they any better than the criminal who threatens to burn your business or break your knees if you don’t fork over some dough?

How ironic for the President to accuse someone else of extortion.  That is like the criminal calling you an extortionist if you refuse to hand over the protection money.