Dear Senator

I sent the following to Senator McCaskill this morning, for what it’s worth:


I usually find it pointless to write to you since you don’t listen to your constituents.  Had you listened, you wouldn’t be supporting Obamacare because most of us don’t want it.

I am writing today to inform you that I will not be buying health insurance next year.  I am not buying because you are trying to force me to.  I am a free man and will not be coerced.  If I don’t resist, I am merely another bug to be squashed underneath your progressive boot.  I will not cooperate with the IRS in any way.  I will not pay any fine.  If they want to fine me, they can come and get it.  I will not be forced into the progressive utopian ant colony you and your party are so keen on.  There may be more like me than you want to believe.

You were fortunate to be running against a dufus the last election.  Next time you won’t be so fortunate.  I will be actively campaigning against you.  If I weren’t such a nice person, I would tell you and Chief Extorter  in the White House what you can do with your precious Obamacare.