A Letter to McCaskill


I have noticed your recent campaign ads on the St. Louis TV stations, those evil Republicans who want to take away granny’s medicare, and those evil multimillionaires and oil companies.  Spare me!  Can’t you people ever come up with anything new?  This is so trite and fake!  Don’t you have something positive to say?  Why don’t you run on your record?  Well, on second thought, with your record you can’t.
You should worry, because we haven’t forgotten your voting record, especially how you shafted us on Obamacare.  A lot of us will be voting for the Republican, no matter who it is.
I’m sure some staffer will delete this, and you will never read it, but I’m sending it anyway.  If you miss it, you can go over to redstate.com where it will be posted by daconia (that’s me).  If you are open-minded (?) you might find some interesting reading there.
I’m also including below my previous letter to you which you probably missed as well.

Good bye and good riddance,




As promised in my previous letter, I will no longer refer to you as Senator because your yes vote on the “health care” bill violates your most basic duty as a Senator.  The Constitutional purpose of a Senator is to represent their state, but your yes vote will burden your own state with unfunded Medicaid liabilities.  If that were not enough, you have voted for Missourians to pay the Medicaid liabilities for Nebraska.  If you are not in Congress to represent Missouri, what are you there for?

Despite the anger at your town hall meetings in August, e-mails and phone calls to your office, and numerous polls, you have voted for something the majority of Americans do not want.  You have flashed the bird to your own constituents.  If you are not in Congress to represent the people, what are you there for?

Despite the clear and obscene violation of the Constitution and the rights of the people, you have voted for this 2000+ page manure pile.  You seem to have no reservations about the use of force against your fellow Americans.  I suggest while you are on Christmas break, you read the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and other writings of the Founders, because you don’t seem to have a clue what the Constitution is about.  If you are not in Congress to uphold the Constitution, what are you there for?

You stated on Fox News that you would vote against any bill that is not “deficit neutral.”  This program is in deficit every year of its operation, even if you believe the CBO estimate.  For you to vote for this bill indicates you are either profoundly stupid or a liar.  In neither case should you be in the U.S. Senate.

You also stated that you would vote against any bill that increased out-of-pocket costs for people, yet this bill does increase costs for many even by the CBO’s estimation.

You, ma’am, think the American people are so gullible they will believe that this program will reduce the deficit.  We don’t buy it!! You, ma’am, think the American people are so gullible they will believe you can pay for this with more than 460 billion dollars of savings from Medicare.  We don’t buy it!!

I will not cooperate with your attempt to use force against me, and neither will many Americans:

– I will refuse to purchase government-mandated health insurance.  Any attempt to use other people’s money to help me pay will not work.  I will refuse!

– I will refuse to pay any fine for not purchasing insurance.

– I will participate in any effort to block and reverse this unconstitutional abuse of power.

If you intend to use force against me, be prepared to go all the way.

You voted for a bill that bought the votes of other Senators with hundreds of millions of dollars, paid in part by Missouri taxpayers.  You can call it what you may, I call it corruption!

A visit to your government web site is like a visit to Never-Never Land, everything is fine and you and the Congress are doing wonderful things.  This is like wallpaper pasted over an outhouse.  Evidently you think your constituents are easily fooled.

Your yes vote ensures your defeat in the next election.  Even an unknown ugly, bald, old guy like me with a closet full of skeletons could defeat you.  Regrettably we will have to wait until 2012, but then it’s adios and good riddance.

By then it will also be adios and good riddance to Dear Leader, you know, the one who cocks his nose up in the air like Mussolini, and whose favorite word is “I”.  I know you are very fond of Dear Leader.   If you think most Missourians share your fondness, think again.  The attitude of most of us was summed up in the loud chorus of boos at the all-star game in St. Louis.   Those in this administration would never be allowed past my front door, and neither would you.

Ma’am, you and your party stink!  While trampling us under their feet, they complain about our not being civil.  The Democratic party has become corrupt, arrogant, radical, and tyrannical.   Your support of this party reveals you to be incredibly naive.  The Democratic party is destined for the trash bin of American history, and I will do everything in my power to help it on its miserable way.


An enraged Missourian,

Wentzville, Mo.
December 24, 2009