An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh

Dear Rush,

I was very disappointed to hear of your apology to “Ms” Fluke.  She doesn’t deserve it!  The word you used describes her behavior exactly .  Of course, we all know that the behavior of a liberal is beyond criticism.  Only we, the unwashed masses uneducated into liberalism, can be criticized.

Has anyone ever apologized for calling us “bitter clingers” or “teabaggers?”  Has anyone ever said they were sorry for even one of the names you have been called?  Has anyone apologized to President George W. Bush for calling him Hitler?  Has anyone apologized to Robert Bork, or for all the nasty stuff said about Sarah Palin?  Has anyone apologized to Cindy McCain, or for threatening the life of Joe the Plumber?

My father taught me to respect people so long as they deserve it, but if they prove to be undeserving, go for it!  Believe me, Rush, these people are undeserving of your apology.  What I really think about them is unfit for publication.  The most awful vitriol and hate comes out of their mouths, yet we are supposed to be “civil.”  Well, Rush, I am not going to be civil to a bunch of people whose boot is on my throat.   I am not going to hold back my opinion of people who disrespect the values and customs of my country.  I will not pretend words don’t mean what they mean.  I am not going to say I’m sorry to people who trample on the Constitution of my beloved nation.   NEVER!!