Moonbeams and Dark Spots

Dawn on November 3rd, 2010 brought a blazing sunrise.  I haven’t felt this good in years.  The rising sun has sent many arrogant politicians packing for a much-deserved retirement.  The American people have witnessed the brave new world of “hope and change” and didn’t like what they saw.

As heartwarming as the day is, dark spots still remain in the land.  Californians pushed the accelerator to the floor to speed even faster on the liberal path that has been leading the state to destruction.  Super liberals like Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and Henry Waxman will return to Congress.  Jerry Brown will be governor again.  Perhaps the California state motto should be changed to “The Moonbeam State.”   What were California voters thinking?  Maybe they weren’t!  If there is any redeeming factor about Jerry Brown, it is that he can think out of the box, usually way out of it, a needed skill considering the mess the state finds itself in.   The new governor shouldn’t count on the rest of us bailing them out.

Various “Moonbeam” candidates were elected across the land, including Harry Reid, who mysteriously won by 5 points on election day after being down in the polls.  ??  Barney Frank, Coons, Dingell, Blumenthal, Schumer, Cuomo, and other moonbeamers remain as dark splotches on an otherwise sunny day.  How is it these people are elected?   What were voters thinking?  Maybe they weren’t!  Perhaps voters simply chose the one who can bring home someone else’s bacon.   Maybe they fell for the line that anyone who believes in the principles of the country’s founding is a dangerous, radical extremist.  Count me in!

A caller to 97.1 Talk Radio in St. Louis told of overhearing a conversation between two young voters who were voting to prevent the Republicans from “taking away our free health care.”   Is this what we have come to, a nation of moochers?  Is this what elects a Barbara Boxer?   The two young voters need to realize the people are increasingly fed up with moochers.   Too many parasites are killing the host.  John Galt is speaking, but some are not listening.  What are voters thinking?   Maybe they aren’t!

Perhaps many voters still believe in “hope and change.”  Harry Reid, in his victory speech, said:

Nevada chose hope over fear.

What they were supposed to fear isn’t clear.  Perhaps the Senator feared being restrained by the Constitution.  If Nevada chose “hope,” they fell for the same old Obama slogan, which in essence means “magic.”  Voters who chose such a candidate on the basis of “hope” have voted for a magical fantasy, pasting their wants upon the word “hope.”  They must believe Harry can still make the fantasy come true.  Never mind that it isn’t working and has never worked.  As Spock would say, “This is illogical.”  Of course, being logical requires thinking.  What were they thinking?  Maybe they weren’t!

What is distressing about liberal acceptance speeches is that they are always talking about fighting.  Again, Harry Reid:

…to fight for each of you.
I’m not finished fighting.

I don’t know for whom he is fighting, but it is definitely not for me.   More likely, it is for moochers and his union supporters and against me. When I hear a politician talk about fighting, a red flag goes up.  Did voters think Harry was going to fight for them?  If so, who is he fighting against?  Is someone resisting giving up their bacon?

It is depressing and embarrassing to see some of my fellow Americans vote for the likes of Barbara Boxer and Barney Frank.  Clearly they have not been linking to places like Red State or American Thinker.  Maybe they should.

The fire in my pen will remain. This is a lifetime effort.  None of us can retire early, for we have a sacred duty to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, for the moonbeamers will not.
In the end the American people will reclaim our Republic.  As Winston Churchill said:

You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.