Into the Hornet's Nest

Congressmen (esp. Senators) returning home for their January break deserve to run into a hornet’s nest of angry e-mails, letters, and phone calls.  I know previous communication attempts have been futile, but let’s not give up now.  No Congressman should be allowed the delusion that what he or she is doing is popular.

They need to experience the Cowpens strategy.  At the Revolutionary War battle of Cowpens, the militias fired three rounds at the oncoming British, then, as planned, rotated out.  The British, thinking they had routed the enemy, came on into the withering fire of the Continentals, suffering severe losses.  Likewise, Congress is coming on in thinking they have won.  Let them have the second round.  Open fire!

While non-violent, we should feel no need to be civil to those who are trampling us underfoot.  I have already started firing my literary musket (It was not civil):

Dear Ma’am

Merely returning the lump of coal you sent me for Christmas, Senator Ma’am!