Dear Senator II

An open letter to Senator Claire McCaskill, D-MO

Dear Senator,

You declared on Fox News Sunday that you would vote no for any health care bill that is not deficit neutral.  Yet, despite this statement, your vote is evidently being counted as a yes.  This is a contradiction.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services state that the bill will cost more than projected, thus will not be deficit neutral.  Even if you accept the incomplete CBO projection, the program will be in deficit every year of its operation.  Trying to hide this fact with 3 or 4 years in taxes before the program goes into effect us not going to fool the American people.  If it wasn’t clear the first time, I will repeat it:

The program will be in deficit every year of its operation.

You also stated that you would vote no if out-of-pocket costs for individuals would be increased.  Both the CMS and CBO clearly state that for many individuals, the costs would be greater.

If you intend to vote as you stated to Fox News, your vote must be NO.  If it is not, you are either fooling yourself or lying.


Waiting for a NO vote