Dear Senator,

An open letter to Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO)

Senator McCaskill,

The evidence suggests that you intend to vote for the so-called health care legislation currently under consideration in the Senate.  Why any rational person would do such a thing is impossible for me to grasp.  Perhaps you really believe this is a great thing you are doing.  Most of us in Missouri know a cow pie when we see one, and this is a big one.  No amount of compromise will turn this into an apple pie.

You, Senator, whose duty is to represent the State of Missouri, intend to force unfunded Medicaid mandates on your own state.  To vote for all the many aspects of this bill which usurp the powers reserved for the States under the Constitution is to contradict the Constitutional role of Senator.

You, Senator, who pretend to represent your constituents, intend to proceed with a bill that the overwhelming majority of those in your state do not want.  If you do not understand this from the polls, or calls to your office, constituents made it forcefully clear in the Town Hall meetings in August.  You in Congress have no ears, imagining yourselves with unlimited power, unrestrained by the Constitution, and with no need to bother with the opinions of the people.

Senator, you and your party are attempting a degree of coercion of your own citizens unprecedented in the history of the United States.  You, Senator, intend to force the American People to purchase expensive health insurance under the threat of fine or imprisonment.  Don’t count on my cooperation!  No one who has read the writings of the Founding Fathers would seriously consider this kind of coercion, as it is totally and obscenely out of Constitutional bounds.  The seeds of coercion, excess taxation, onerous regulation, and gigantic deficits now being sown will create a forest of weeds which will take generations to clear.

You, Senator, seem to believe the American People are so gullible they will believe counting 10 years of taxes against 5 years of benefits is an ethical accounting practice.  This is not being straight or honest.  You, Senator, seem to believe the fantasy of 436 billion dollars to be “saved” from Medicare.   Your party claims to be working to reduce the cost of health care, yet the Senate bill fails to achieve this, and, in fact, will increase insurance premiums for many of us.

My ancestors were here before the American Revolution, some of them fought in it.  Some died in the Civil War and the World Wars.  Some were in Missouri before statehood.  These people did not clear their lands and plow their farms and raise their children for this!  They didn’t fight at Guilford Courthouse for this!  They didn’t risk their lives settling new lands for this!

Senator, if you vote for these 2100 pages, even Alfred E. Neuman could defeat you in the next election.  I, for one, will do everything in my power to insure Alfred wins, and you no longer walk the halls of Congress.  If you thought people in your recent town halls were less than civil, see what happens after your yes vote. Never in my 64 years have I seen such anger as I now see daily!  I would never use or condone violence, but civility is going to be out.  Ask yourself, “What is the source of this uncivility?”

Senator, if you vote for this, I will no longer honor you with the title “Senator,” for you will have dishonored the Body in which you serve, and violated your oath to uphold the Constitution.  Your vote will be a betrayal of your own people, and you will have become an Anti-American.


A very angry constituent.