What Now, Part II

This is, of course, a continuation of Part I.  Resistance is not futile, but we have to figure out what exactly to do:


This is the place, Red State and other sites.  I don’t know what to do, I’m groping in the dark.  I will say what I think, but good ideas are desperately needed.  Who among us has all the answers?  This is where ideas can bubble up for discussion and consideration.  Some have appeared already,  How to Talk to a Liberal, Defeating Political Ridicule


More talented individuals are needed to pursue elected office, people like I see here who want to return the country to it’s roots, as it was founded.  People who want a rational society instead of a fantasy one.   I don’t know if conservative is even the right word,  maybe anti-tyrannist.  One has to start, of course, locally.  I’m too old, too ugly, and have a terrible speaking voice (not to mention all those skeletons in the closet).  All the same, I will do what I can.  If you have values you are willing to stand up for, go for it.  That is what people really yearn to see in a candidate, character and integrity.  That was really the basis for Ronald Reagan’s popularity, as reflected in Peggy Noonan’s book title, When Character was King.  To quote from the book:

He started out with little, and rose very far.  And the great thing with him was not his personality or charm, celebrated though they were and are, but his character.

Herbert Meyer addresses this issue in an American Thinker article:

We need to launch a counter-offensive, so to speak, and the place to start is at the local level.  Working with our county and state political parties when we can — or working around them when we must — our objective will be to elect as many people as we can to public office who understand what a democracy is and how the free market works.  This will include city council members, county commissioners, school board members, judges, sheriffs and even members of the local parks commission.  With the strength and political momentum their elections will provide, we can surge to the state level and then — before it’s too late — take back the power in Washington DC.

Not only elected office, but we need to populate the other “infected” areas of our society, teaching, media, and entertainment.  By default, these have gone to the far left.  Time now to start moving in people of character.


There was a joke circulating in the natural gas industry a few years ago when prices seemed forever depressed.  The executive of a gas distribution company went to Heaven.  He asked God when gas prices would go higher.  God answered, “They will, but not in my lifetime!”   This war will not be over in my lifetime.  Even if the 2010 and 2012 elections massively overturn things (they might just do that), only a major battle would be won, the war will continue.  For that reason, children have to be vaccinated against the relentless viruses from the media, mass entertainment,  and universities.  Mark Levin in Liberty and Tyranny:

Parents and grandparents by the millions can counteract the Statist’s indoctrination of their children and grandchildren in government schools and by other Statist institutions simply by conferring their knowledge, beliefs, and ideals on them over the dinner table, in the car, or at bedtime.  If undertaken on an intimate, purposeful, and consistent basis, it will shape a generation of new conservatives.


The major media have in their abandonment of journalist principles, betrayed the American people.  Readers here are well aware of the blatant malpractice.  Though I never turn on the acronym channels, (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN), my wife had on the CBS evening propaganda hour news just before the election.  I was stunned to the extent that this “news” program was propaganda for the Democratic candidate.  It was frighteningly Orwellian.  The local major newspaper in my area, the St. Louis Post Dispatch, endorsed Obama saying what he learned as a community organizer trumped any inexperience.  They praised Obama for forgoing the politics of smear (huh?) then proceed to smear Sarah Palin in the next paragraph.  I had to paraphrase these since I refuse to even visit their website, having angrily canceled my subscription.  (They didn’t print my rebuttal to the endorsement.)

So we together must in every respect avoid these media outlets.  This is one area where our candles can together make a lighthouse.  This is one area where impact is most needed and most possible.

— Do NOT watch or read any of these outlets.  Avoid even the websites because ad revenue is based on the number of hits.

— Boycott owners and advertisers.  GE would be a good start.  Somehow we need to get this organized.  An effective boycott would focus attention on the problem.  Notify advertisers that you do not appreciate their sponsorship of biased media outlets.  A mass of e-mails would give pause to a company advertising there.

— Support the good guys.  There are still responsible newspapers out there, e.g. The Washington Times.  Subscribe to their on-line services if you don’t live in the area.  Take a small local paper (Make sure it isn’t owned by one of the “Pravdas”)

— If you win the lottery, buy a media outlet and clean house.  (well…it’s an idea)


We all know this is the next opportunity to derail the statists.  I will do everything I can to influence the outcome, however meager that may be.  This again is the place.  Here we can combine our candles into a ever growing flame.  Here we can organize, exchange ideas, plan strategy, and get intellectual ammunition.

Help or contribute to candidates or organizations opposed to the statist (usually Democratic) incumbents.  For example, I contributed to a campaign to oust Harry Reid (boy, that would be a relief!)

Let’s roll!!