Dear Harry (or Not My Father's Party)

Dear Senator Reid,

I am now 63 and counting.  I can’t seem to find that Reset button anywhere!  You are a bit ahead of me, but the difference between you and me is that you have been in Congress for the last 26 years while I have been in the real world.  The Reset button I would really like to find is for Congress, a body that is beyond doubt the most radical, arrogant, incompetent, and corrupt I have ever seen in my 63 years.

I find the situation today much like Colonial America before the Revolution.  The Colonies were governed by elitist aristocrats in England who saw the colonists as just a bunch of lower class wilderness settlers.  The anger at such treatment boiled over on several occasions, such as the Boston Tea Party, which was more about arrogance than taxation.  The tax on tea had remained unchanged for six years before the tea party.  The real beef behind the tea party was Parliament’s attempt to save the struggling East India Company at the expense of colonial tea importers, you might say, “the first American bail-out.”  It was an accumulation of these kinds of slights that affected George Washington personally and convinced him to lead the Continental Army in its unlikely struggle.  This is the same kind of elitist arrogance that drives the present day tea parties and objections from the states, such as from Texas Governor Perry:

The federal government has become oppressive.  I believe it’s become oppressive in its size, its intrusion into the lives of its citizens, and it’s interference with the affairs of our state.  Millions of Texans just like yourselves that are tired of Washington, DC, trying to come down here and tell us how to run Texas.  We think it’s time to draw the line in the sand and tell Washington that no longer are we going to accept their oppressive hand in the state of Texas.  There is a point in time where you stand up and say, “Enough is enough,” and I think Americans and Texans especially have reached that point.

It is you, sir, and your party who are treating we the American people as if we couldn’t tie our shoes without your Benevolent Elitenesses.  You will force us all to be “unselfish.”  Never having run a business yourselves, you will tell us how to run ours.  Having no concept of the meaning of money, you trash the nation’s finances.  You flaunt the Constitution, imagining yourselves to have unlimited and unrestricted power.  The Democrats in Congress who have never worked (nor never will) in a union, want to allow union thugs to force others to.  You seem to be intent upon telling us how much money we can make and whether we can keep any of it or not, what kind of car to drive, and whether we can see a doctor or not.  Your party sees the fruits of our labor only as something to be plundered.  Members of your party take large political donations from entities they are supposed to regulate, and evade taxes yet maintain their chairmanships.  Members of your party involved in corruption always seem to stay in power, mistakes you call them.  Yours is the party of ACORN, using government funds to register Democratic voters, and the favorite of the parasites trial lawyers, for whom tax breaks were inserted in the stimulus package.

Now that your party is running the country, what do we everyday Americans see?  We see a government more concerned about Rush Limbaugh, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and returning veterans than Islamic terrorists, a government redefining the War on Terror as “Overseas Contingency Operation,” a title so absurd only an intellectual could come up with it.   We see a government with an Easter Bunny foreign policy, whose Iran policy is to warn Israel to do nothing.  An administration who followed through with “serious consequences” after the North Korean missile launch by the dreaded referral to the UN.    We see a President who thinks a nation achieves respect through apology on the very grounds that our fathers and grandfathers liberated, some of whom are buried at Normandy.  We see a government where the appointment of radicals, anti-Americans, and tax cheats to high offices in the administration is OK.  This is a government of university elitists with no concept of the real world, no sense of ethics or morality, and who apparently haven’t read many history books.  I prefer the thoughtful common sense of my parents, graduates of the University of the Real World.

My father often voted Democrat, but were he still alive, would be appalled at the party today.  I can almost see that disgusted look on his face as he angrily turns off the TV.  Nancy Coppock states it most eloquently in an American Thinker blog:

The Democrat Party has gone off the edge of the world. The party is incapable of being reformed. The party needs to go the way of the Federalists and decline into ancient history. Any person still manning the Democrat Party at the local level should have either his ability to discern reality or his ability to read documents like The Constitution or The Declaration of Independence and get the main idea questioned. Those two thoughts make those still manning Fort DNC unworthy for public service. They may be really nice people, but all the same, incapable of smelling the bean pot scorching on the back burner of reality.

Your party has become what Jonah Goldberg has aptly called “liberal fascists,” a modern day version of the Brown Shirts running around to assassinate the character of anyone who dares oppose them. Just ask “Joe the Plumber,” or Cindy McCain, or Sarah Palin.  You somehow have managed to use most of the media in these smear campaigns, and as a propaganda arm of your party, a media who never asked a Presidential candidate about a list of questionable radical and corrupt associations as long as Paul Bunyan’s arm!

Remarks about the tea parties from your party’s leadership reveal what you really think about most of us.  You Benevolent Elitenesses in Washington treat the rest of the country like helpless “hillbillies” or peasants that you have to take care of, you know, the ones that smell bad.  Well, I am proud to call myself a “hillbilly.”  My hillbilly ancestors built this country from before the Revolution.  A few fired their militia muskets at Guilford Courthouse, so bloodying Cornwallis that he retired to Yorktown.  They were never university elitists, just simple farmers who would have never taken a handout, much less forced someone else to give them one.

Senator, if you sense anger or disrespect here, you and your party have earned it!  I predict you will be gone in 2010, along with many others.

Gary Horne