Letter to Senator McCaskill

This letter was sent by me to our local Obama supporting senator here in Missouri:

Senator, perhaps you are puzzled by all the tea parties springing up.  I’ll clear it up for you.

The tea parties now happening across the country aren’t really about taxes.  Neither was the first tea party.   Contrary to popular belief, the tax on tea had remained the same for six years before the tea party in Boston Harbor.  Parliament had recently enacted a law rebating the tax on tea for the East India Company (a favorite of Parliament) and allowing the company to compete with local colonial importers.  This was just one of many examples of the corrupt Aristocrats in London treating the colonists like lower class frontier yokels.

Such is the situation today.  Instead of “no taxation without representation,” we have “no representation after election.”  Once elected, they promptly set out to tell us what to do, as if we couldn’t tie our shoes without their Benevolent Elitenesses.  They will force us all to be “unselfish.”  Never having run a business themselves, they will tell us how to run ours.  Having no concept of the meaning of money, they trash the nation’s finances, flashing the bird to their own grandchildren.  They use the Constitution like toilet paper, imagining themselves to have unlimited and unrestricted power.  They take large political donations from entities they are supposed to regulate.  They evade taxes yet maintain their chairmanships.  They called President Bush all kinds of slanderous names (an honorable man whether you agree with his policies or not) yet complain if Obama or one of them is asked a probing question.  They smear the armed forces who are still in the field fighting for us.  Their immigration policy is to hound any official who dares to enforce the immigration laws.  They want all the illegals now here to be legalized so they can remain in power.  They, who never have nor never will work in a union, want to allow union thugs to force others to.  Their environmental policies place obscure mice and tortoises above human beings. They intend to tell us how much money we can make and whether we can keep any of it or not, what kind of car to drive, and whether we can see a doctor or not.

Now we have a President who is one of them, the most unqualified  person ever to occupy the White House in my lifetime, with a list of questionable radical and corrupt associations as long as Paul Bunyan’s arm!   A man who thinks a nation achieves respect through apology.  A man who has appointed every hate-mongering, anti-American, anti-Christian, pro-gay, pro-abortion far-left radical he can find to positions in his administration.  A man who continues to try to send pro-abortion ambassadors to the Vatican.  A man whose Easter Bunny diplomacy prompted a British reporter to call him “President Pantywaist.”  An administration populated with University elitists who have no concept of life outside the campus.  An administration whose Iran policy is to warn Israel to do nothing.  An administration who followed through with “serious consequences” after the North Korean missile launch by the dreaded referral to the UN.  A President who snubbed Israel and bowed before the Saudi King.  A President who said nothing about the kidnapping of an American ship captain, while sending “negotiators.”

These are people who cling to power by cheating, lying, intimidation, and smear.  If you don’t believe it, ask the Clinton campaign about the tactics used in the primary caucuses.  Look at all the Obama volunteers who voted in more than one state.   Ask “Joe the Plumber”, who had the nerve to ask Obama a simple question, and was smeared, threatened and investigated.  Ask Sarah Palin and her family, who continue to be smeared by the left.  This is what Jonah Goldberg has aptly called “liberal fascism,” a modern day version of the Brown Shirts running around to assassinate the character of anyone who dares oppose them.  These people don’t love the country, only themselves.  They think the rest of us are lowly peasants in need of their elite guidance.

That, Senator, is what the tea parties are about.  And you are one of them.  If not, you are a fool for supporting them.  I assure you, you will be gone in 2012.  Anger in the real America is growing.  A few more years of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Frank, Dodd, Boxer, Kerry, Murtha, Rangle, Feinstein, Waters, and all the rest, and you will see some real anger.


Angry in Missouri

Gary Horne