A Letter to Joe Conner

A Letter to Joe Conner

I was profoundly touched by your letter to your father “Dear Dad,”


Words are not adequate.  Just understand that you have connected to me, and to many others, on a heart-to-heart basis.  I too am deeply disturbed and angry at our present situation.  I too evoked the memory of my father, starting a website in his honor [barbershopvalues.com].  If our fathers’ values were still the values of our country, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

If it is any consolation, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  We are but candles in a hurricane of hate, class envy, and character assassination.  The Founders would be horrified to see the gallery of embarrassment that populate the Congress and the Presidency.   Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Frank, Rangel, Schumer, Murtha, Feinstein, Waters, Boxer, ………….. The list is too long.  The words I would choose to describe these people wouldn’t be fit to print.  I don’t know what we can do, but I for one will go down fighting.  Most of my ancestors were here when Independence was achieved, a few fought in the Revolution.  As I look at them and their descendants, all the way down to my parents, I see a people for whom personal responsibility and hard work were solid virtues.  None of them would have ever have accepted someone else’s charity, much less allow the government to force others to benefit them.   I think my mother and father would have starved rather than demand welfare for themselves.  My father would have turned off the TV in anger after watching the nightly news, just as I do.  Actually, I refuse to watch what has increasingly become statist propaganda.  We now face the absurd situation of the media and politicians condemning the very values that have made us a great country.

Our fight is discouragingly uphill.  The universities and most of the media are already under control of the radicals.  But compare it to what they faced in 1776-1781.  It would have been easy to give up then.  During the worst days of the Revolutionary War, George Washington stood before his army whose enlistments were up are ready to go home.  General Washington alone convinced them to stay on.  The actions of one person can make the difference, sometimes in unexpected ways.

For one, the media needs to be held accountable.  They betrayed the American people in the last election, abandoning any claim to journalist principles.   I refuse to watch the major TV news outlets, except for Fox News which is relatively unbiased.  I have started my own personal boycott of GE and have told them so.  If such boycotts could be organized, they might have some effect.  I canceled my newspaper subscription after the St. Louis Post Dispatch endorsed Obama for President, a piece full of contradictory rubbish.  They had the nerve to say that what he learned as a community organizer trumped  his inexperience.  After claiming Obama was foregoing the politics of smear, promptly smeared Sarah Palin in the next paragraph.  The media  painted Obama as a great orator, a man who can’t get out a coherent sentence without the teleprompter.

For what it is worth, bug our representatives.  It doesn’t seem to be worth much as my attempts to communicate might as well have been thrown in my trash can, since they seem to have ended up in theirs.  But I make the effort.  The failure of the last so-called immigration reform was due to massive complaints from constituents, and the complaints about spending are making some in Congress nervous.

Most of all, see you in 2010.  I can’t wait to see how many of these _______s get thrown out of office.  I will certainly participate.  We can only hope the Constitution protects us in the meantime.  The hurricane will rage, damage will be done, but hurricanes spend themselves.

Joe, I am with you 100%!  My parents didn’t raise a quitter either.   If there are enough candles, they can light the world after the hurricane passes.

With great respect,

Gary Horne