VA is a disaster, and we are partly to blame.

“But if we were in charge, things would be different.”

I want it to be so, but with the current anti-liberty crowd, it’s just not the case. Republicans don’t advocate for liberty enough, but they sure as heck advocate for votes. Pandering by both sides is at an all time high, yet our Founding Fathers warned us repeatedly about expecting the government to be the answer to our problems. We continue to defy our heritage and then wonder why things aren’t working out.

Case in point, the Veterans Administration. There is no doubt that the current administration has been disastrous for veterans. Just horrible. They have been proven to be liars if for no other reason than they manipulated numbers to make it seem like they were doing better than they were. If that was all that was wrong with the VA, we could fire a few administrators and have that problem cured. It’s far worse than that.

The VA is a disaster because it defies liberty and has since it’s inception under the Reagan Administration. The VA hospital system is pure socialism. The government owns the hospitals, pays the doctors and staff, buys the equipment and provides what it calls care. A veteran has no choice if he is in the system. Once in the VA system, wait times are abysmal, which is why administrators lie about their timeliness. Letting veterans die by putting them on waiting lists is a tragedy, but with a plethora of scandals, we have lost sight of how miserably we treat our veterans.

All you have to do is see commercials where groups like Wounded Warriors are soliciting money to care for veterans to know that we, as a country, are failing in our obligation to our vets. While it’s wonderful what groups like Wounded Warriors do, why does a veteran need to count on the kindness of charity?

Here’s an idea, divert money from helping the folks too sorry to work while capable, yet drawing a check, and use that money to care for our vets needing medical care. Currently we spend $145 billion on SSI benefits. Let’s assume that you can find $25 billion there that is wasted. That would be an increase of almost 50% increase for veterans medical care. But I’m afraid we’d be wasting our money. The VA would just waste it. It’s what government does.

Back to liberty. Give our vets the option, they can go into the socialized medicine system of the VA or they can get vouchers for care and use the private markets. I am willing to bet the vets use the voucher system. Once you prove that to be true, you abolish the VA and save that money so that you can give vets an even better voucher payment.

I hear Republicans advocate for a voucher system for schools all the time. It’s popular and, frankly, smart. Why can’t Republicans advocate for vouchers for our vets? Because they are afraid of being labeled “anti-vet” and losing votes. I wish the Republican Party would make the case for liberty and let the chips fall where they may.
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