We Have Dead White Kids Too

Must we have a dead white kid? My friend Erick Erickson asked that question today in light of the turmoil going on in Ferguson, MO (http://www.redstate.com/2014/08/15/must-we-have-a-dead-white-kid/).

Good question. Easy answer: We have dead white kids too.

In Eurahlee, GA, on the evening of Feb. 14, 2014, a Eurahlee police officer knocked on the door. Officer Beth Gatny had in her hand an arrest warrant for a non-violent probationer. The probationer’s son, Christopher Roupe, answered the knock at the door. Bang! He was shot dead by Officer Gatny. Young Mr. Roupe had the misfortune of holding a Wii controller in his hand when he answered the door. Gatny thought it was a gun.

Unclear it remains as to whether Gatny had her firearm already in her hand, but this was a non-violent warrant and she was acting alone, so it is obvious that no trouble was anticipated. Whatever Christopher had in his hands was justification for the shooting apparently. Celery, a calculator, a pork chop, anything can look like a gun if you want it to. Gatny was supposedly upset that she killed Christopher, but all that will be solved with some more training I’m sure.

The district attorney, Rosemary Greene, presented an involuntary manslaughter indictment on July 16, 2014, but the grand jury declined to indict. While that is how the system works, that are a lot of questions that remain. Having presented several thousand cases for grand jury indictment myself, I know that there is presenting a case and PRESENTING A CASE. Was this case PRESENTED? I imagine it was, as I would hope the community demanded as much. The result is that Officer Gatny is free to resume her career and serve more warrants. Just hope that she stays in Eurahlee and not your home town.

Back to the Ferguson unrest. No riots occurred in Eurahlee. No looting. No civil unrest. A lawsuit will undoubtedly ensue and the good citizens of Eurahlee will pay dearly for the incompetence and “lack of training” that will be blamed for this shooting.

What is the difference between Eurahlee and Ferguson? Race is part of it, I’m sure. However I think the greater issue is reliance on the government. In Eurahlee, the people waited on the government to get to the bottom of it. A young man was dead and somebody needed to figure out what happened. In Ferguson, the people demanded to take action now, as they don’t trust the government to provide the answer AND RETRIBUITON in a timely fashion. A young man was dead and somebody had to pay, now!

So goes the dichotomy that is Conservative and Liberal.

Liberals tend to the think the government is the answer to their problems, but they don’t let the government process work. They take to the streets.

Conservatives think the government is the problem, but they let the government process work. Think Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, etc.

But the media and Liberals say that we Conservatives don’t trust the government?




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