Why Can't Starbucks Support Liberty?

Why is the concept of liberty so hard to understand?

Starbucks makes a mint ($481 million in 2013) on sales of $3.8 billion for coffee and danish. That is as American as it gets when you can make a huge business off of something that you drink at home for pennies. Alas, Starbucks is missing that vital ingredient in their business model and their coffee – Liberty.

Starbucks has recently gone to great strides to convince us that they don’t support Israel, that they don’t give Israel a penny, and that they are proud not to have any stores in Israel. They were responding to some vile rumors that claimed their CEO even gave money to Israel! GASP! The horrors. They do maintain 600 stores in the Middle East however.

The Palestinian, Muslim and Jewish conflict will not be solved over a cup of coffee. Starbucks couldn’t give enough money to either side to fix that problem. But what Starbucks could do is to support liberty.

Israel is free. They have liberty. They can vote for candidates of their choice to run their country. They don’t have a charter that calls for the annihilation of Jews. Some might not like the Israeli superiority when it comes to war, but the last thing Israel does is to start a war that it doesn’t need to survive.

Hamas isn’t interested in liberty. Neither is the PLO. Or the Muslim Brotherhood. They are concerned with one thing, power. Power to crush. Power to kill. Power to compel you to convert to Islam. Or you die.

Starbucks’ website makes this statement: “We do not support any political or religious cause.” What they should also say is that while they’ve made a pretty fantastic living off of liberty, they aren’t willing to add that to a cup of coffee.